Guiding how we behave and what we strive for
We perform to the highest possible standard
  • Exceed expectations
  • Drive continuous improvement
  • Take pride in every aspect of our roles
We embrace new ways of delivering better results
  • Show hunger for knowledge, opportunities and experience
  • Challenge the status quo – aim for simplicity
  • Be risk aware but not risk averse
We strive for shared success
  • Prize excellence, passion, fun, collaboration and optimism
  • Support those around us – be they colleagues or external partners
  • Recognise that our colleagues’ success is our success. Their failure is ours too
We behave with integrity and responsibility
  • Do what we say and own what we do
  • Act decisively
  • Balance short term opportunities with long term sustainable growth
Our Approach

JOS improves the performance of businesses and governments across Asia by applying the best technologies to address their challenges.  We do this through high quality technology consultancy, vendor independence, deep sector and market knowledge and our exceptional ability to execute.

High quality technology consultancy
  • We build trust with customers by always taking the long-term view on their best interests and building an enduring relationship
  • A strong vendor base gives customers a rich selection of solution options
  • Being independent means we can choose the solution that’s right for our clients
  • We look to apply the latest technologies and innovations where they can deliver competitive advantage for customers
Deep sector and market knowledge
  • We have extensive experience gained from long-standing relationships with many of the biggest organisations in the region across a range of industries
  • Combining local knowledge with an international outlook, JOS is driven to exceed customer expectations
  • We look to anticipate and capitalise on market and technology trends for the benefit of our customers
Exceptional ability to execute
  • Firmly rooted in Asia and with a short chain of command, we can be much more flexible and responsive than large international competitors
  • We cover both infrastructure (servers, storage, network connectivity, etc.) and application services
  • We have outstanding technological expertise