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Let’s Make Big Data Real Together!

Let’s Make Big Data Real Together!

Are you asking these questions?

•    Which product line is worth to expand? 
•    What is the profit generated from new customers VS existing customers? 
•    Where should we open the next new store?

Big data analytics with AI recommendation engine combine the power of predictive and correlation analysis to help you answer these questions. Through integration and analysis of internal data, external data and social media data, you can achieve:

•    Faster innovation and better customer experience
•    Improved customer satisfaction and higher revenue
•    Enhanced customer engagement with machine learning
•    Transformative growth with predictive analytics

Data analytics to answer your business questions

Some business leaders are taking advantage of big data to enjoy these benefits. Discover how Starbucks Coffee and Pizza Hut and are making big data real:

JOS Success Story

Starbucks Coffee’s Journey to Turn Financial Data into Actionable Business Insights

Starbucks Coffee Asia Pacific implemented a new data analytics solution, which helped them to overcome data complexity for easier and faster reporting. In return, more time is available for its financial executives to focus on analysis instead of data gathering. Interactive dashboards also encourage end-users to be more curious about data and explore different ways to analyse data.

Pizza Hut Hong Kong Enjoys Crisp Data Insights with New Data Warehousing and Visualisation Tool

Pizza Hut Hong Kong deployed a proof of concept integrating WhereScape and Tableau to test out next-generation database management and presentation capabilities. The former completely remedied the documentation issues that Pizza Hut had faced in the past, while greatly enhancing its ability to quickly derive actionable insights from disparate data sources. Meanwhile, the latter provided a set of intelligent templates for Pizza Hut to visualise data in a meaningful and appealing way.

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