News Release

News Release

Hong Kong
March 08, 2019

Hong Kong creativity shines through as 13 teams shortlisted for JOS Innovation Awards 2018-19

Closed door learning and sharing session with JOS, Manulife, Hong Kong Maxim’s Group and Sino Group

Hong Kong – 8 January, 2019 - JOS, a technology solutions provider for Asia’s changing environment, and its partners, Manulife, Hong Kong Maxim's Group[1] and Sino Group have announced the shortlisted teams in the annual JOS Innovation Awards. At a kick-off ceremony held today, the thirteen teams, numbering over forty students, participated in a learning and sharing session about customer experience challenges found in the technology, insurance, food & beverage services and property sectors.

All those shortlisted can now look forward to the battle round on 12 April 2019 where four teams will walk away with HK$30,000 each and win a place on the JOS Innovation Awards 2018-19 mentorship programme. Industry pundits from JOS, Manulife, Hong Kong Maxim’s Group and Sino Group will provide valuable insights into learning and what it takes to succeed in business together with potentially offering internships.

“This year, the JOS Innovation Awards yet again attracted high calibre entries from students who approached the customer experience theme with great enthusiasm and creativity. There were some amazing ideas put forward and it was very hard to determine the shortlisted entries,” said Eric Or, Managing Director, Greater China, JOS. “Today’s sharing session allowed executives and students a common platform to voice their thoughts on current and future customer experience trends and how these may be addressed.”

The Awards themselves are designed to demonstrate creative thinking and problem solving skills to everyday business challenges. The JOS Innovation Awards 2018-19 attracted over fifty teams of between two and five university students in Hong Kong all examining the customer experience challenge and coming up with solutions for JOS, Manulife, Hong Kong Maxim’s Group and Sino Group.

[1]"Especially impressive was how the entrants highlighted specific issues associated with the insurance sector and showed an understanding of the critical role our agents play in the customer experience journey,” said Francesco Lagutaine, Chief Marketing and Experience Design Officer, Manulife Asia. “Manulife is focused on helping people make decisions easier and their lives better and leveraging technology to deliver on this. We’re excited to see the ideas the students present after gaining more understanding of our industry and customers."

During the kick-off ceremony, representatives from JOS, Manulife, Maxim’s Caterers Limited, and Sino Group took part in a panel discussion on customer experience, the challenges faced, trends and spoke about the JOS Innovation Award submissions. The session also provided the teams with genuine insights and learnings from Hong Kong business leaders in a closed-door setting.

While technology plays a key role in digitisation, the right talent, mindset and leadership are equally important. JOS sees five technology pillars and three corporate principles as the core foundations for making innovation real. 

"The customer journey is evolving in an increasingly tech-savvy world where everything is available at our fingertips. This is the same for the food and beverage industry with customers opting for diversity, speed and convenience. This requires innovative ways to understand the customers’ decision-making process. We are excited to gain inspiration from all the entries as this brings us even closer to customers and further enhances the overall customer experience," said Louis Mah, Director of Information Technology, Hong Kong Maxim's Group.

“The JOS Innovation Awards entries provide us with valuable insights to keep the customer experience fresh and relevant in the new era, particular at our properties. These enable us to identify areas for improvement and to harness technology to enhance the Sino Experience,” said Andrew Young, Associate Director (Innovation), Sino Group.

“There are over twenty thousand students graduating from Hong Kong universities every year who look to gravitate towards companies they perceive to have the strongest brands. This perception is shaped, in part, by the experience they have received as customers. Thus, the customer experience theme has allowed every participant to address issues they have experienced and to find a solution,” said Eric from JOS.

[1] Disclaimer:
“Maxim’s” and any name, logo or trademark of any restaurants and any intellectual property right therein used or referenced in this article belong to Maxim’s Caterers Limited, a company operating in Hong Kong, and/or its affiliates.”

About JOS Innovation Awards
Founded in 2015, the JOS Innovation Awards aim to inspire, nurture and recognise students in Hong Kong for their smart ideas and innovative thinking in improving industry performance. The JOS Innovation Awards are open to all full-time undergraduate and post-graduate students from local universities and higher education institutions and accepts group applications of two to five members in a team.

JOS is committed to inspire Hong Kong students on the path to make the world a more efficient and better place to live. To date, the JOS Innovation Awards have inspired over 500 Hong Kong university and tertiary education students to go beyond their day-to-day curriculums and create innovative ideas that solve real-world problems.

This is not simply a one-day event, but a holistic programme that expands students’ horizons by giving them exposure to the working world and expert mentorship. Under the leadership and guidance of JOS experts, student teams build upon their innovations and hone their presentation skills.

JOS Innovation Awards 2018-19
Shortlisted Teams

o    3 Marketers
o    Athena
o    Finnovate
o    Glitter
o    Innovators
o    Jumpjumpstarter
o    MMAD
o    Novus
o    Pioneer
o    Smart-L
o    Sporty Teens
o    Untitled
o    VIP First

JOS Innovation Awards 2018-19 kick-off photo 1
(From left to right): Glenn Lim, Senior Director, Customer Experience Design and Engineering, Regional Marketing and Experience Design, Manulife Asia;
Hamish Bruce, Asia Head of Talent Acquisition, Manulife Asia;
Patrick So, Senior Manager – Digital Solutions Information Technology, Hong Kong Maxim’s Group;
Andrea Leung, General Manager, Leasing Marketing and Promotions, Leasing Department, Sino Group;
Eric Or, Managing Director, Greater China, JOS and
Mark Lunt, Group Managing Director, JOS
JOS Innovation Awards 2018-2019 kick off Photo 2
Representatives from JOS, Manulife, Maxim’s Caterers Limited and Sino Group took part in a panel discussion on customer experience
JOS Innovation Awards 2018-2019 kick off photo 3
JOS Innovation Awards 2018-19 kick-off ceremony held on 8 March 2019
JOS Innovation Awards 2018-19 kick-off ceremony held on 8 March 2019
Hong Kong
March 08, 2019

JOS Innovation Awards 2018-19 十三支入圍隊伍為香港綻放創意光彩


香港,2019年3月8日 - 為亞洲瞬息萬變的環境提供諮詢和系統集成服務的科技方案供應商 JOS,與三家本地市場領導企業宏利香港美心集團[1]和信和集團宣佈一年一度 JOS Innovation Awards 的入圍隊伍。在今天的 kick-off 儀式上,13支入圍隊伍超過40名學生濟濟一堂,與四家領導企業的代表針對有關科技、保險、餐飲服務和地產界的客戶體驗挑戰,進行了難能可貴的學習和分享研討會。

所有的入圍隊伍將為2019年4月12日舉行的決賽準備,並競逐進入最後四強,嬴取每隊港幣三萬元現金獎,以及參與JOS Innovation Awards 2018-19師友計劃的機會。來自JOS、宏利、香港美心集團和信和集團的業界權威將對業務成功的秘訣,提供寶貴的見解,以及實習職位的契機。

JOS大中華區總經理柯志成表示:「今年JOS Innovation Awards再次吸引了不少才華出眾的學生參加,他們對於客戶體驗都表現出熱誠和創意。我們發現不少出色的意念,令我們難以決定入圍隊伍誰屬。今天的分享環節正為管理人員和學生提供一個平台,就著現時和未來的趨勢交流想法,並商討對策。」

JOS Innovation Awards旨在對日常業務挑戰展示創意思考力和解難能力。JOS Innovation Awards 2018-19吸引超過五十支由二至五名香港各大院校的大學生組成的隊伍參加。他們就客戶體驗挑戰進行分析,並為JOS、宏利、香港美心集團和信和集團提出解決方案。

宏利亞洲首席市場推廣及體驗設計主任Francesco Lagutaine表示:「參賽隊伍能具體地指出保險業面對的問題,以及意識到我們的代理在客戶體驗上所擔當的重要角色,這令我們留下深刻的印象。宏利希望借助科技,專注協助人們更輕鬆地作出決定,令他們的生活變得更美好。我們熱切期待同學們展示他們對我們的行業和客戶加深了解後的想法。」

在今天的kick-off儀式上,JOS、宏利、香港美心集團和信和集團的代表參與了有關客戶體驗、面對的困難和未來趨勢的小組討論,並談到JOS Innovation Awards的意念。此閉門環節讓參賽隊伍從香港商業領袖身上獲得寶貴而真實的見解和知識。

香港美心集團高級資訊科技總監馬慶和表示:「在科技日益發達的世界,彈指間便可獲得想要的,客戶的體驗不斷演變 —— 餐飲服務業亦不例外:客戶期望獲取更多元化的選擇,同時更快、更便捷。這需要創新的方法來了解客戶的決策過程。我們很高興從參賽隊伍獲得啟發,讓我們與客戶更近,並進一步提升客戶體驗。」

信和集團創新聯席董事楊孟璋表示:「JOS Innovation Awards的參賽隊伍帶給我們寶貴的新意念,助我們在新時代繼續為客戶帶來愉悅體驗。這些新意念助我們改善,並利用科技帶來更佳的『信和體驗』。」



關於 JOS Innovation Awards
JOS Innovation Awards 由 JOS 於 2015 年創立,旨在啟發、培育和發掘學生就改善不同行業而引發的嶄新意念與創新思維。比賽歡迎全港所有大學及大專院校之全日制本科生和研究生參與,並需由二至五人組隊參賽。 JOS Innovation Awards 致力啟發香港學生,從而令社會生活更具效率,帶來更美好的將來。至今,JOS Innovation Awards 已啟發超過五百名香港的大專學生,走出日常課程的框框,創造更多創新的意念,以解決現實世界的難題。

這並不是個單日的活動,而是一個全面,透過增加學生對真實商業世界的見識和專家指導的機會,拓展他們的視野的計劃。在 JOS 專家的帶領及指導下,學生隊伍可發揮他們的創意,並鍛煉他們的表達技巧。

JOS Innovation Awards 2018-19 入圍名單:

o    3 Marketers
o    Athena
o    Finnovate
o    Glitter
o    Innovators
o    Jumpjumpstarter
o    MMAD
o    Novus
o    Pioneer
o    Smart-L
o    Sporty Teens
o    Untitled
o    VIP First

JOS Innovation Awards 2018-19 kick-off photo 1
(左起)宏利亞洲 (Senior Director, Customer Experience Design and Engineering, Regional Marketing and Experience Design) 林方偕、
宏利亞洲 (Asia Head of Talent Acquisition) Hamish Bruce、
JOS大中華區總經理柯志成 及 JOS集團董事總經理麥朗特
JOS Innovation Awards 2018-2019 kick off Photo 2
JOS Innovation Awards 2018-2019 kick off photo 3
於2019年3月8日舉辦之 JOS Innovation Awards kick-off 儀式
於2019年3月8日舉辦之 JOS Innovation Awards kick-off 儀式
January 28, 2019

Ke Arah Industri 4.0 : Mencetus Inovasi Sebenar Dan Hasil Yang Nyata Buat Perniagaan Malaysa

Kuala Lumpur, 28 Januari 2019 -  Tahun 2019 ialah masanya untuk mengambil langkah dan bukan sekadar bercakap kosong! Menurut Ramalan Forrester 2019, organisasi akan beralih dari cita-cita strategik kepada anjakan yang lebih pragmatik. Transformasi digital perlu 'kembali kepada akarnya: sebuah langkah inovasi yang kecil dan boleh dikawal namun menghasilkan manfaat nyata yang boleh diukur.[1]

Realiti hari ini, banyak perniagaan Asia berkerja dengan kekangan bajet yang lebih ketat, di samping mempunyai perancangan inovasi yang tidak terlalu bercita-cita tinggi. Masalah sering terjadi apabila sumber yang ada diarahkan ke tempat yang tidak sepatutnya manakala teknologi pula tidak digunakan dengan sebaiknya. Tambahan lagi, inovasi bukanlah tugas yang mudah dan kegagalan serta kerumitan memang tidak boleh dielakkan. Malah pihak pengurusan juga akan mudah memandang enteng inovasi jika tidak ada pulangan pelaburan yang jelas. Oleh itu, mereka yang berada di atas perlu berfikir tentang persoalan utama dalam masalah ini: Apa perlunya inovasi?

Kini, dengan adanya lebih banyak teknologi baharu, perniagaan ‘segar’ yang mendatangkan persaingan kepada mereka yang sudah lama bertapak, keselamatan siber yang kian terancam, keperluan pengguna yang makin berubah, inovasi sebenar yang menghasilkan operasi serba efisien dan Pulangan Pelaburan (ROI) yang boleh diukur adalah teramat penting. Tidak dinafikan lagi, inisiatif inovasi bukan sahaja perlu untuk menambahbaik pengalaman pengguna di luar sana, bahkan turut perlu dalam merealisasikan agenda inovasi di dalam sesebuah organisasi serta memacu operasi yang serba efisien, serta perniagaan yang mampan dan pantas membangun.

Di Malaysia, kerajaan telah memperuntukkan RM210 juta untuk membangunkan Industri 4.0 yang menekankan keperluan untuk mengautomasikan proses pembuatan dan memacu inovasi perniagaan. Menjelang tahun 2025, Perdana Menteri kita turut menjangka negara untuk berada di kedudukan antara 30 negara teratas dalam Indeks Inovasi Global. Pada masa ini, Malaysia menduduki tempat ke-35 dalam indeks.[2]

Jadi, apakah cabaran dan asas kepada 'inovasi sebenar'? JOS, salah satu penyepadu sistem dan penyelesaian IT terkemuka di Asia yang bertapak teguh di rantau ini selama lebih 60 tahun, telahpun memuatkan semua ini ke dalam '5 + 3 model inovasi sebenar' yang serba unggul. Model tersebut telah diumumkan di forum serantau JOS TALK didedikasikan untuk komuniti IT dan perniagaan di Asia. Forum itu berkisar tentang Trends (Trend), Advice (Nasihat), Leadership (Kepimpinan) dan Knowledge (Pengetahuan). Tahun ini, JOS TALK 2019 adalah bertemakan MAKE INNOVATION REAL.

Di Malaysia, sesi tersebut diketuai oleh En. Mark Lunt, Pengarah Urusan JOS Group dan En. Steven Soo, Pengarah Urusan JOS Malaysia yang membincangkan prospek dan cabaran tahun 2019 untuk perniagaan di Asia, termasuk Malaysia.

"Untuk menjadikan sebuah inovasi sebenar, teknologi memainkan peranan penting. Tetapi teknologi hanya boleh menjayakan sesuatu inovasi apabila digabungkan dengan kepimpinan dan strategi yang jelas. Demi mencetuskan inovasi sebenar, adalah perlu untuk bermula dengan langkah kecil, membuahkan hasil dengan pantas dan kemudian beralih kepada matlamat yang lebih tinggi setelah membina kredibiliti dalam menjana hasil," kata En Mark Lunt, Pengarah Urusan JOS Group.

JOS, penyepadu sistem, penyedia penyelesaian dan perundingan teknologi dengan pengetahuan tempatan dan industri yang mendalam dan keupayaan luar biasa untuk pelaksanaan, telah bekerja bersama lebih 10,000 pengguna di serata industri seperti Perkhidmatan Kewangan, Hospitaliti, Pembuatan, Sektor Awam, Peruncitan & Pusat Beli-Belah untuk membantu mereka mengatasi cabaran dan cemerlang dalam perjalanan inovasi mereka.

Mengulas mengenai senario di Malaysia, En Steven Soo, Pengarah Urusan JOS Malaysia, berkata, "Sebenarnya, cabaran untuk perniagaan tempatan adalah kekurangan individu berbakat. Ini amat penting apabila mengambil kira agenda negara untuk Industri 4.0. Sudah tentu, ia memerlukan masa untuk mempunyai individu berbakat yang cukup ramai, jadi 2019 merupakan masa yang terbaik untuk bermula. Selama 20 tahun ini, JOS masih kekal komited dalam pasaran Malaysia dan kami sudah pasti dapat membantu syarikat dalam strategi digital mereka. Seperti negara lain di rantau ini, ekonomi Malaysia juga akan dipengaruhi oleh cabaran dalam perkembangan perdagangan.”

Jelas Lunt lagi, "Model inovasi sebenar JOS menggabungkan 5 tunggak teknikal dengan 3 dimensi korporat yang mencetuskan hasil apabila diperkuatkan dengan kepimpinan yang mantap apabila membuat keputusan, lebih-lebih lagi dalam persekitaran perniagaan yang terbuka, selamat dan tangkas.

"Lima tunggak teknikal itu ialah AI (kecerdasan buatan), IoT (Internet of Things), Big Data, Cloud dan Keselamatan Siber. Ini ialah lima teknologi yang paling penting, kesemuanya saling berhubung dan berkait rapat dalam usaha untuk mencetus inovasi nyata.

"Data terkumpul melalui sensor IoT hanya boleh membawa maklumat perniagaan yang bermakna, dengan syarat adanya sebuah seni bina Big Data yang diuruskan dengan baik. Kejayaan dalam projek AI dan IoT juga bergantung kepada fleksibiliti dalam kuasa pengkomputeran dari Cloud beserta analisis yang disokong oleh strategi Big Data syarikat. Malah, AI bukan lagi sesuatu yang akan digunakan pada masa hadapan. Seperti yang dilaporkan oleh The Economist Corporate Network, lebih daripada 12% golongan pengurusan dalam perniagaan Asia mendakwa bahawa perniagaan mereka telah mula mengalami impak AI sejak tahun lepas lagi.[3] Namun tentunya, tidak ada inisiatif inovasi yang dapat membuahkan hasil tanpa adanya strategi keselamatan holistik untuk melindungi data dan sistem korporat.

"Orang, Budaya, dan Organisasi adalah sama pentingnya untuk mencetus inovasi sebenar manakala kepimpinan yang baik adalah daya utama untuk memacu inovasi dalam dimensi korporat ini. Seorang pemimpin yang serba fokus akan mendedikasikan sumber seperti masa dan modal untuk melatih bakat sedia ada dan menggunakan perunding luar untuk memanfaatkan teknologi untuk nilai perniagaan yang bermakna. Di mana-mana syarikat sekalipun, masa seringkali diperlukan untuk memupuk pemikiran untuk inovasi. Tetapi apabila adanya pemimpin berwawasan yang menginspirasi dan memupuk budaya inovasi, segalanya akan menjadi sedikit lancar. Struktur di dalam organisasi selamanya menjadi asas untuk mengekalkan inovasi dengan adanya proses membincangkan idea dan mengukur hasil yang bermakna."

Melaksanakan perancangan untuk mencetus inovasi nyata, Lunt mendedahkan bahawa JOS juga telah berjaya melalui transformasinya sendiri dua tahun yang lalu. JOS ialah sebuah syarikat yang sangat berbeza hari ini, yang telah bertukar kepada rakan teknologi yang dipercayai untuk memimpin perniagaan di Asia. JOS telah memperkenalkan model perniagaan baharu yang dipesatkan lagi oleh bakat baharu. Hasilnya, ia menjadi sebuah organisasi yang cukup bertenaga dalam melengkapkan budaya mesra pengguna yang telah sebati dengan JOS.

Memanfaatkan kepakarannya dalam konteks Asia lebih 60 tahun dan beroperasi elama 20 tahun di pasaran Malaysia, Lunt dan Soo turut berkongsi pandangan tentang perjalanan inovasi mereka dengan pengguna di seluruh Asia untuk membantu mereka merealisasikan potensi teknologi demi membuahkan hasil yang boleh diukur.

Selain itu, Lunt dan Soo menggesa perniagaan Asia untuk memberi tumpuan kepada empat perkara pada tahun 2019 untuk mendapat manfaat ketara daripada inovasi sebenar - Inovasi Terfokus, Sasaran Realistik, Komited Mencapai Matlamat & Orang dan Budaya yang Betul. Syarikat perlu fokus dalam rancangan inovasi mereka dan mengenal pasti bahagian yang paling memerlukan dan akan mendapat manfaat dari inovasi. Ini akan merangka perjalanan inovasi mereka, dan manfaat bermakna akan dapat dikecapi sekiranya sasaran realistik adalah sejajar dengan perubahan pasaran. Pemimpin perniagaan juga mesti komited untuk meneruskan inovasi. Kejayaan dalam inovasi memerlukan kerjasama seluruh organisasi yang mempunyai bakat dan pemikiran yang betul.

Memandang terus ke hadapan, Lunt menyebut peluang yang telah muncul dalam automasi proses robotik (RPA) yang berfungsi sebagai asas untuk pembelajaran mesin dan AI. Terdapat juga keperluan untuk memupuk integrasi yang besar dalam kerjasama awam-swasta untuk mengecapi nilai perniagaan dalam IoT terutamanya dalam bidang pembangunan bandar pintar. Membangunkan persekitaran cekap-cloud juga penting bagi aliran kerja yang lebih lancar dan ini tertumpu kepada keupayaan untuk mengurus dan melindungi persekitaran cloud di cloud awam. "Pastinya, masa hadapan inovasi adalah sangat mengujakan dan JOS berhasrat untuk berkerjasama dengan pengguna sedia ada dan akan datang untuk meniti perjalanan inovasi ini bersama-sama, " akhiri Lunt.

[1] Forrester’s Predictions 2019 Hong Kong
[2] National Industry 4.0 Policy Framework - MITI
[3] AI, Automation, Future of Jobs and Skills Study

En. Mark Lunt, Pengarah Urusan JOS Group dan En. Steven Soo, Pengarah Urusan JOS Malaysia
January 28, 2019

迈向工业4.0 : 马来西亚企业应真正落实创新并创造明显商业绩效

吉隆坡,2019年1月28日 -  2019 将会是实践承诺务实经营的一年!Forrester 发布的2019年市场趋势预测披露,企业将从战略布局转向务实落地。数位化转型必需“回归到根本:小规模、可掌控及带来明显绩效的创新方案。”[1]




“真正创新”的挑战与基础究竟是什么?作为亚洲领先的 IT 服务及技术解决方案供应商之一、深耕亚洲市场超过60年的JOS公司,整合推出简洁完善的“5+3真正创新模式”。此模式在 JOS TALK 区域性研讨会正式发布。JOS TALK 区域性研讨会是一项专为亚洲资讯科技及商务社群而设,探讨趋势 (Trends)、建议 (Advice)、领导 (Leadership) 及知识 (Knowledge) 的研讨会。2019年 JOS TALK 的主题为“真正落实创新 (Make Innovation Real)”。

马来西亚的环节由 JOS 集团董事总经理 Mark Lunt 和 JOS 马来西亚区董事总经理邱湶骅主导,他们讲述了2019年亚洲商业领域的展望与挑战。

JOS 集团董事总经理 Mark Lunt 表示:“想要真正落实创新,科技扮演了举足轻重的关键角色。但是,唯有结合领导才能和明确策略,科技才能成功推动创新成果。真正落实创新必需从小规模开始并快速取胜,接着设定更远大抱负目标,通过展现绩效来建立信誉。”


JOS 马来西亚区董事总经理邱湶骅分析马来西亚现况时说:“本地企业的挑战是缺乏人才,这对于达成国家工业4.0目标尤其重要。当然,培养这方面的人才需要时间,2019年是启动的大好时机。JOS 致力于为马来西亚市场提供服务已有超过20年历史,我们绝对可以帮助本地企业落实数位化战略。如同亚洲区域的其他国家,马来西亚的经济也将会受到贸易发展挑战的影响。”

Lunt 进一步说明:“JOS 真正创新模式结合了5大技术性支柱及3大企业方向,通过在开放式、安全可靠及灵活商业环境中促进决策性的强大领导能力,确保创造卓越绩效与成果。” “5大技术性支柱包括人工智能(artificial intelligence,简称 AI)、物联网(internet of things,简称 IoT)、大数据(Big Data)、云端(Cloud)和网络安全(Cyber Security)。这些都是最重要的五大科技,每一项都在真正落实创新方面有着相互影响及环环相扣的密切关系。”

“通过物联网收集的数据,需要结合完善管理的大数据设置,才能带来具有意义的商业价值。人工智能与物联网计划的成功与否也需要依靠云端计算功能的灵活弹性,以及由企业大数据战略作为后盾支撑的分析。事实上,人工智能已经不再是未来趋势。经济学人企业网络组织报告指出,超过12%亚洲企业领袖表示他们的业务从去年已经开始面对人工智能的影响。[3] 由此可见,如果缺乏保障企业数据和系统的全面性安全策略,任何创新方案都无法创造绩效与成果。”


将想法付诸行动才能落实真正创新,Lunt 表示 JOS 早在两年前就已经成功推动转型。今天,JOS 已经完全转型成为截然不同的公司,备受亚洲领先企业信赖的科技合作伙伴。JOS 推行由卓越人才促进的新事业模式,为公司注入新活力以满足 JOS 长久以来秉持的“客户至上”文化。

充分应用在亚洲市场深耕超过60年的经验,以及在马来西亚市场扎根20年的领导能力,Lunt 和邱湶骅也与亚洲各地的客户分享了他们的创新旅程,以帮助亚洲企业了解通过科技带动明显绩效的庞大潜能。

Lunt 和邱湶骅建议亚洲企业在2019年应专注于四大领域,通过真正落实创新取得明显绩效,其中包括明确创新方案、设定合理期待、持续落实承诺、正确人才和文化。企业需要更明确专注于他们的创新计划,同时辨识出最需要创新及可创造效益的领域。这将会成为企业推动创新旅程的起点,从而让企业能从有意义的成果中受惠。另外,企业也必需设定与市场变化相符的合理目标。企业领 导者必需持续落实创新承诺。创新过程的成功需要整个企业的协力合作,同时也要具备正确人才与思维模式。

展望未来,Lunt 提到了机器人流程自动化(robotic process automation,简称 RPA)的商机,这将成为器械学习与人工智能的根基。另外,也需要更大力推动公共领域与私人企业合作的整合方案,以更大程度创造物联网的商业价值,尤其是在发展智能城市方面。建立一个云原生(cloud-native)环境也非常重要,这样才能让工作流程更顺利,同时提升在公共云管理及保障私有云环境的安全性。“创新的未来绝对非常令人充满期待,JOS 致力于跟现有及潜在客户携手合作,与他们携手同行迈向创新旅程!”Lunt 这样总结。

[1] Predictions 2019: Digital Business, Forrester Research, Inc., November 7, 2018
[2] National Industry 4.0 Policy Framework - MITI
[3] AI, Automation, Future of Jobs and Skills Study

JOS 集团董事总经理 Mark Lunt 和 JOS 马来西亚区董事总经理邱湶骅
January 17, 2019

Towards Industry 4.0 : Malaysian Businesses to Make Innovation Real and Deliver Tangible Business Results

Kuala Lumpur, 17 January 2019 - 2019 will be the year to walk the talk! According to Forrester’s 2019 Predictions, organisations will shift from strategic ambitions to pragmatism. Digital transformation needs ‘to get back to its roots: small, manageable chunks of innovation that deliver tangible benefits’.[1]

The present reality is that many Asian businesses often work with controlled and tighter budgets and have less ambitious innovation plans. Problems often result from misallocation of resources and poorly directed technology. Innovation is never an easy task and failures and setbacks are inevitable. Management can easily tire of innovation if there is no clear ROI in sight. Business leaders must then address one key question in this equation : Why innovate?

With the rise in technology disruptions, vibrant set-ups that challenge established enterprises, growing cyber security threats, heightened customer expectations, real innovation that results in operational efficiency and tangible Return on Investment (ROI) is pivotal. Undoubtedly, innovation initiatives must extend beyond external customer experience and drive the innovation agenda internally as well to drive operational efficiency, sustainability and accelerated growth.

In Malaysia, the government has allocated RM210 million to develop Industry 4.0 which calls for the need to automate manufacturing process and drive business innovation. Our Prime Minister envisions the country to be ranked among the top 30 nations in the Global Innovation Index by 2025. Currently, Malaysia is ranked 35th in the index.[2]

So, what are the challenges and foundation to ‘real innovation’? JOS, one of Asia’s leading IT service and solutions providers with a strong footprint in Asia over the last 60 years, has power packed it in a concise ‘5 + 3 real innovation model’. The model was unveiled at its regional forum, JOS TALK, dedicated for Asia’s IT and business community on Trends, Advice, Leadership and Knowledge. The 2019 JOS TALK is themed MAKE INNOVATION REAL.

In Malaysia, the session was led by Mr Mark Lunt, JOS Group Managing Director and Mr Steven Soo, Managing Director of JOS Malaysia who navigated the 2019 outlook and challenges for businesses in Asia, including Malaysia.

“To make innovation real, technology plays a significant role. But technology can only enable successful innovation when it is combined with leadership and a clear strategy. Making innovation real needs to start small, win fast, then move on to more ambitious goals, having built credibility by delivering results,” said Mr Mark Lunt, JOS Group Managing Director.

JOS, a systems integrator, solutions provider and technology consultancy with deep local and industry knowledge and an exceptional ability to execute, has been working alongside over 10,000 customers across industries such as Financial Services, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Public Sector, Retail & Shopping Malls to help them charge through the challenges and excel in their innovation journeys.

Commenting on the Malaysian scenario, Mr Steven Soo, Managing Director of JOS Malaysia, said, “The challenge for local businesses is the shortage of talent. This is especially important in light of the national Industry 4.0 agenda. Certainly, it takes time to build this talent pool and 2019 presents a timely opportunity to start. JOS has been committed to the Malaysian market over the last 20 years and we are certainly in a position to help companies along in their digital strategy. Like other countries in the region, Malaysia’s economy will also be impacted by challenges trade developments.”

Lunt explained, “JOS’s real innovation model combines 5 technical pillars with 3 corporate dimensions which deliver results when bolstered by strong leadership in decision making within an open, secure and agile business environment.

“The five technical pillars are AI (artificial intelligence), IoT (internet of things), Big Data, Cloud and Cyber Security. These are the five most important technologies, all interrelated and closely correlated, in the drive to make innovation real.

“Data collected through IoT sensors can only bring meaningful business insights with a well-managed Big Data architecture. Success in AI and IoT projects also relies on the flexibility in computing power from Cloud and the analysis supported by the company’s Big Data strategy. In fact, AI is no longer the future. As reported by The Economist Corporate Network, more than 12% of Asian business leaders claimed that their businesses had begun experiencing the impact of AI since last year.[3] Certainly, no innovation initiative can deliver results without a holistic security strategy to protect corporate data and systems.

People, Culture, Organisation are equally important to make innovation real and good leadership is a key force to drive innovation across these corporate dimensions. A focused leader will dedicate resources such as time and capital for training existing talents and hiring external consultants to capitalise on technology for meaningful business value. Time is often required to nurture a new mind-set for innovation in any corporation but things can get a little smoother when a visionary leader inspires and cultivates a culture of innovation. An organisation structure is always foundational to sustain innovation by availing a process to filter ideas and measure meaningful results.”

Walking the talk to make innovation real, Lunt revealed that JOS also embarked on its own successful transformation two years ago. JOS is a radically different company today, transforming into a trusted technology partner for leading Asia businesses. JOS introduced new business models accelerated by new talent which translated into a new energy that complemented JOS’s established customer-focused culture.

Leveraging on its Asian expertise of over 60 years and 20 years leadership in the Malaysian market, Lunt and Soo also shared insights of their innovation journey with customers across Asia to help them realise the potential of technologies to deliver tangible results.

Lunt and Soo urged Asian businesses to focus on four areas in 2019 to tangibly benefit from real innovation - Focused innovation, Realistic Expectation, Pursue with Commitment & Right people and culture. Companies need to be focused in their innovation plan and identify the area that innovation is most needed and beneficial. This will form the start of the innovation journey and to benefit from meaningful results, realistic targets must then be aligned with market changes. Business leaders must also be committed to pursue innovation. Success in innovation requires the collaboration of the entire organisation that has the right talent and mindset.

Looking ahead, Lunt alluded to opportunities in robotic process automation (RPA) which serves as the groundwork for machine learning and AI. There is also the need to foster great integration in private-public partnership to unlock the business value in IoT especially in the area of developing smart cities. Developing a cloud-native environment will also be crucial for smoother flow of work and this hinges on the capability to manage and secure the private cloud environment in the public cloud. “Certainly the road ahead for innovation is exciting and JOS aims to partner our current and potential customers to walk the innovation journey together,” concluded Lunt.

[1] Predictions 2019: Digital Business, Forrester Research, Inc., November 7, 2018
[2] National Industry 4.0 Policy Framework - MITI
[3] AI, Automation, Future of Jobs and Skills Study

Mark Lunt, Group Managing Director, JOS and Steven Soo, Managing Director of JOS Malaysia
Hong Kong
January 15, 2019

JOS Launches “Make Innovation Real” to Drive Digital Transformation in Hong Kong

The first JOS TALK reveals how Hong Kong businesses can harness pioneering technology to deliver tangible business results

Hong Kong – 15 January, 2019 - JOS, a trusted technology partner and leading systems integrator, today announces its first JOS TALK initiative to unlock insights on digital innovation and foster knowledge and experience sharing with its customers and partners. The annual JOS TALK kicks off with the launch of its Make Innovation Real report, which provides Hong Kong businesses with guidance on how to turn their digital transformation and innovation goals into tangible commercial outcomes. 

Focused with technological disruption, challenges from determined startups, and rising customer expectations, businesses are embarking on a process of digital transformation in order to survive and remain competitive. However, many firms are struggling to keep pace due to tight budgets, unfocused or over-ambitious innovation plans and poorly directed technology investments. 

Forrester[1] has predicted that 2019 is the year that transformation projects will become more pragmatic as businesses move beyond experimentation and onto more focused innovation aimed at delivering tangible business improvements. The JOS Make Innovation Real (JOS MIR) report highlights how businesses can harness five key interrelated technologies to turn their digital transformation objectives into measurable business results. 

Mark Lunt, Group Managing Director, JOS said, “2019 will be the year when enterprises recognise that real innovation is a long-term continuous process. Businesses need to start small, win fast, and keep iterating. Then thinking bigger, more ambitious projects become an achievable. As a regional leader in Asia’s technology landscape, we believe our MIR report provides businesses with a set of clear guidelines to steer their digital transformation.” 

Eric Or, Managing Director, Greater China, JOS said, “Hong Kong enterprises rightly consider return on investment to be a top priority. Our MIR report should give Hong Kong firms the confidence to get to grips with digital transformation in a way that makes sense for them – helping them to realise the value of smaller digital initiatives as a platform for achieving more aspirational goals.”

A look into the JOS MIR report 

While technology plays a key role in digitisation, the right talent, mindset and leadership are equally important. JOS sees five technology pillars and three corporate principles as the core foundations for making innovation real. 

Technology pillars

  • Make AI Real – Start with RPA: A step-by-step approach is key to making AI work for any enterprise. Robotic process automation (RPA) offers a useful first stage towards more sophisticated implementations of machine learning and AI technology. 
  • Make Big Data Real – Empower User-driven Analytics: A winning Big Data strategy must do more than manage the three traditional Vs (volume, velocity and variety). Data veracity is essential for generating business value. A storage platform that brings together both structured and unstructured data enables enterprise users to extract meaningful information. 
  • Make IoT Real – Connecting Sensors and Systems: To create real business value from IoT, the “things’’ need to be integrated with the “system’’. Data collected from IoT sensors will only make sense and deliver business value when it can be integrated with existing enterprise systems. 
  • Make Innovation Real with Cloud – Drive Speed with Cloud-native Environment: A cloud-native environment is the foundation for driving innovation through DevOps and agile development, and providing the powerful, flexible technology infrastructures needed for success. 
  • Make Innovation Real and Secure – Built-in and Service-oriented Security: Digital innovation inherently opens up businesses to more cyber risks. A cybersecurity strategy must cover everything – from infrastructure and data architecture to applications. 


  • Open, Secure, Agile: Technology architecture to support innovation should be designed based on its openness and flexibility to interoperate with both emerging technologies and legacy systems.

Corporate principles 

  • People, Culture, Organisational Structure: Strong leadership is crucial for driving innovation. It needs to instil a positive culture that is open to new ideas, overcomes the barriers posed by traditional corporate mindsets, fosters development of the required skills, and understands and implements the change in organisation structure that are likely to be neccessary. 

Mr. Lunt continued, “Our MIR report will help business leaders to understand key trends in technology and innovation, and encourage them to pinpoint the operational areas in their companies where change will deliver tangible results. A successful digital transformation journey is a matter of setting clear and realistic objectives, pursuing them with purpose, and aligning corporate culture to support their delivery.”

[1] Predictions 2019: Digital Business, Forrester Research, Inc., November 7, 2018

Mark Lunt, Group Managing Director, JOS and Eric Or, Managing Director, Greater China, JOS
Hong Kong
January 15, 2019

JOS公佈「Make Innovation Real」報告驅動數碼轉型: 首個 JOS TALK 剖析香港企業如何利用領先技術實現具體的業務成果

香港 - 2019 年1月15日 - 作為亞洲區值得信賴的技術合作夥伴和領先的系統集成商,JOS公佈首個為驅動數碼創新、促進客戶及伙伴交流和經驗分享的 JOS TALK 企劃。本年度 JOS TALK 以「Make Innovation Real」報告揭開序幕,為香港企業提供指引,帶領他們如何在數碼轉型及定立創新目標時取得實際業務成果。 


Forrester[1] 預測隨著企業完成實驗性階段的數碼轉型,轉而追求可帶來業務增長的創新科技方案,2019 年將會是數碼轉型走向務實的一年。JOS Make Innovation Real (JOS MIR) 報告重點展示企業如何運用 5 項相關科技,將數碼轉型目標實現具體業務成果。 

JOS 集團董事總經理 Mark Lunt 表示:「踏入 2019 年,企業將認同真正的創新是一個長期及持續的過程。企業需先從小型項目入手並盡快完成目標,然後以其成功方案著手研發其他更具野心的新項目。作為亞洲科技的地區領袖,我們相信 MIR 報告能為企業提供了一套明確的指引,驅動數碼轉型。」

JOS 大中華區董事總經理柯志成表示:「香港企業最為注重投資回報率,而MIR報告為香港企業在數碼轉型上注入強心針,開展循序漸進的轉型過程 — 先協助實現小型項目的價值,再締造一個蘊含更多可能性的平台。」

JOS MIR 報告剖析企業實踐數碼創新的策略
商業數碼化的過程中,科技固然為一個關鍵元素,但合適的人才、思維及領導能力同樣重要。JOS 總括五個科技範疇及三項企業信念作為實踐創新的基礎:


  • 實現人工智能 – 從RPA開始︰循序漸進是讓人工智能適用於任何企業的關鍵。機械人流程自動化 (RPA) 成為了銜接更精密的機器學習及人工智能科技應用的第一步。
  • 實現大數據 – 啟動用家驅動型分析︰現今成功的大數據策略遠遠超過固有的三個元素 – 容量、速度和多樣化。數據真實性對於創造商業價值尤其重要。一個能夠整合結構化及非結構化數據的數據庫可讓企業從中提取更具意義的資訊。 
  • 實現物聯網 – 連繫電子設備及系統︰物聯網的電子設備必須結合完善的系統,讓企業系統存取及應用電子感應器所收集的數據,才能展現物聯網的真正價值。 
  • 以雲端平台實現創新 – 以原生雲端提升速度︰完善的雲端平台為應用「開發與執行」(DevOps) 及「敏捷開發」等開發模式奠定基礎,提供成功必備的強大及靈活技術基礎架構。
  • 實現創新及網絡安全 – 內建服務導向保安︰數碼創新讓企業面對更多潛在風險。企業必須覆蓋所有科技基礎建設、數據系統以至應用程式,制訂完善的數碼保安方案。


  • 開放、安全、靈活︰企業需根據其開放性及靈活性設計技術框架,並與各種新興科技和現有系統接軌。


  • 人才、文化及企業架構︰優秀的領導是企業創新不可或缺的一環。企業正面文化必須包括接納意見、突破傳統企業思維、培訓員工技能發展、以及了解並執行必需的企業架構重整。

Mark Lunt 補充︰「我們的MIR報告將協助企業領袖了解科技創新的關鍵趨勢,並鼓勵公司查明改革能夠帶來具體成果的業務領域。成功的數碼轉型必須具備明確及可行的目標、達成目標的決心以及能有效提升業務效能的企業文化。」

[1] Predictions 2019: Digital Business, Forrester Research, Inc., November 7, 2018

JOS集團董事總經理Mark Lunt及JOS大中華區董事總經理柯志成
Hong Kong
December 18, 2018

JOS Innovation Awards 2018-19現已接受報名!

香港 – 2018 年 12 月 17 日 – 為亞洲瞬息萬變的環境提供諮詢和系統集成服務的科技方案供應商JOS,與三家本地市場領導企業攜手舉辦JOS Innovation Awards。JOS Innovation Awards載譽歸來,務求發掘及嘉許就日常商業業務挑戰及問題提出嶄新及創新意念的方案。本年度比賽獲JOS宏利香港美心集團[1]信和集團共同支持。

一年一度的JOS Innovation Awards由 JOS 於2015年創立,旨在啟發、培育和嘉許致力創造更有效率和更美好世界的學生。至今,這個比賽已吸引超過500名香港大專學生參加。

在傾向要即時得到滿足的時代,顧客對品牌的需要和期望正不斷改變,意味著優秀的客戶體驗是品牌致勝的重要元素。JOS Innovation Awards今年的主題正是客戶體驗,並誠邀學生組成二至五名成員的隊伍,就四個合作企業提出相應的客戶體驗方面的創新方案。



  • 即日起至2019年1月25日:接受報名
  • 2019年2月:Knockout ─ 公佈入圍隊伍
  • 2019年3月8日:Kickoff ─ 簡介會
  • 2019年3月至4月:Gnnovation流動程式指導
  • 2019年4月12日:競賽和頒獎禮 


[1] "美心"及本文使用或提到的任何食肆的名稱、標記或註冊商標,及其所有知識產權,皆為美心食品有限公司或/及其關聯公司所有。美心食品有限公司為一間在香港營運之公司。

Hong Kong
December 17, 2018

JOS Innovation Awards 2018-19: Open for entries!

Hong Kong – 17 December, 2018 - JOS, a technology solutions provider for Asia’s changing environment, through consultancy and system integration, has joined hands with three market leaders for the return of the popular JOS Innovation Awards. The annual Awards, designed to recognise innovation and creative problem-solving to everyday business challenges, will this year be supported by JOS, Manulife, Hong Kong Maxim's Group[1] and Sino Group

The annual JOS Innovation Awards were founded in 2015 to inspire, nurture and recognise students who can contribute to making the world a more efficient and better place to live. To date, the Awards have attracted over five hundred Hong Kong university and tertiary student submissions.

Changing customer needs and expectations towards brands in the era of instant gratification means delivering an exceptional customer experience is the top priority for a brand’s success nowadays. This year, the central theme of the JOS Innovation Awards is customer experience in which teams of two to five students are invited to submit their innovative solution on how to address this issue at each of the four participating partners.

Each shortlisted team will be coached by industry experts from JOS, Manulife, Hong Kong Maxim’s Group and Sino Group via the Gnnovation, a mobile app. These teams will then be invited to an exciting competition on 12 April 2018 to present their ideas to a panel of judges, who will be looking for innovation, practicality and cost-effectiveness.

Key dates of the Awards are as follows:

  • Now - 25 January 2019 – Application
  • February 2019 – Knockout: Announcement of shortlisted teams
  • 8 March 2019 – Kick Off: Briefing Session
  • March - April 2019 – Gnnovation mobile coaching 
  • 12 April 2019 – Battle and Prize Presentation 

In the final battle, four winning teams will be selected with each walking away with HK$30,000 together with exposure to the working world, mentorship by experts and internship opportunities. The awards are open for entries now and the submission deadline is 25 January 2019, 23:59 Hong Kong time. Check here for more details,


[1] Disclaimer: “Maxim’s” and any name, logo or trademark of any restaurants and any intellectual property right therein used or referenced in this article belong to Maxim’s Caterers Limited, a company operating in Hong Kong, and/or its affiliates.”

Hong Kong
March 05, 2018

JOS Innovation Awards (HK) 2017-18: Finger Exercise Device triumphed Aiming to Enhance Early Osteoarthritis Patients’ Quality of Life

Hong Kong – 5 March 2018 – To foster the development of innovation and technology (I&T), it was mentioned in “The 2018-19 Budget” that the government would set aside HK$50 billion for supporting I&T development, and would earmark HK$500 million under the I&T fund to implement the Technology Talent Scheme, showing the great importance attached to I&T development and cultivation of innovative talents. JOS, which is a systems integrator, solutions provider and technology consultancy company, organised the 3rd JOS Innovation Awards, aiming to nurturing talents for the innovation industry and equipping tertiary students the essential skills needed in the industry. The final competition and awards presentation was held on 3rd March 2018, selecting the well-deserved awardees. The Finger Exercise Device for Early Stage of Osteoarthritis Patients designed by students of Hong Kong Polytechnic University crowned the champion.

JOS has organised various activities throughout the awards, providing professional advices from industry by organising the first-ever Marketho[1], workshops and providing tutorials, thus contributing to nurturing the talented persons for the innovation industry. The theme of the competition is “Happy Ageing – Innovation Healthcare Solution”. Focusing on these two areas, “Ageing population” and “healthcare”, student contestants utilised the use of “Internet of Things”, “Mobile Operation” and “Internet Solution” to develop an innovation technology, which could help taking care of the elderly and thus enhancing their quality of life.

After rounds of battles, nine out of forty-eight finalist teams from different tertiary institutions were shortlisted to enter the final competition. The works of the final teams were able to meet the practical needs of the elderly and their products were marketable. They presented their solutions in front of judges and the live audience at the final. Some of the teams brought along their prototypes or smart devices, such as “Sleeping Monitor” for demonstration on the spot.

As one of the judges of the Awards, Mr. Eric OR, Managing Director of JOS Hong Kong & Macau, commented that JOS welcomes the strategic boost from the HKSAR government which focuses on developing 4 of its areas of strength. “With the Awards, JOS aims to inspire, nurture and recognise students for their smart ideas and innovative thinking. Since 2015, the JOS Innovation Awards have inspired over 500 tertiary education students to put their innovative ideas into practice and solve real-world problems, to making our world a more efficient and better place to live.”, said Mr. OR.

“Through the competition, students generated a strong interest in innovation technology. They had a chance to observe the performances of other teams, and this provided them with a valuable learning experience. The organisational and articulation skills of competing teams were above par. Their excellent creativity and enthusiasm in innovation technology exemplified the endless research and development potential of Hong Kong new generation.” said Ms. Jenny PONG, judge of the Awards and Group Director of Human Resources of the JTH Group.

After an intense competition, the winning trophy was given to CHEUNG Ching Yee, CHAN Hiu Lam, FONG Tsz Ching and LIM JooMi from Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Their winning project was “Finger Exercise Device for Early Stage of Osteoarthritis Patients”. The winning team was given a cash prize of HK$30,000, and was offered an internship by JOS and a visit to Singapore. The first runner-up was given to LEUNG Ka Ming, Jeremy, HO Yik Chung, Grayson, LEE Wing Yu, Michelle, NG Chak Lam, Rica and TSE Ho Yin, Thomas from University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and City University of Hong Kong and their winning project was “Algotritionist”.

The second runner-up was given to LAU Hoi Sing, FAN Po Chuen, CHAN Hoi Yat and TSANG Long Fung from Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education – Sha Tin, and their winning project was “Sleeping Monitor”.

The champion team “Finger Exercise Device for Early Stage of Osteoarthritis Patients” commented they were very honoured to have joined JOS Innovation Awards, and been recognised by the judges. “During the competition, we have improved our products and understood more about the needs of the elderly. We hope we can contribute to the society, and help the development of Hong Kong’s medical technology. ”

Many contestants expressed that JOS had provided them with an important platform to practice their concepts. They thanked the experts for providing them with comments and ideas, which enabled them to comprehend the needs of the elderly and the present situation in the consumer market. They looked forward to further improving their products, and to launching their products to the market for the benefits of the people in need.

“The Most Popular Innovation Award” was newly created this year and was voted by the audience. The winner of this Award was “Super Senior”. The Award encouraged young people to devote themselves to innovation technology; to provide them with practical learning; to develop their career and to give them opportunities to chase after their dreams.

[1] Similar to the concept of “Hackathon”, the innovative term “Markethon” is a combination of the two words “Marketing” and “Marathon”. Each competing team must, during an hour of Peer Presentation & Challenge, arrange to have half of their team members to be questioned by another team, and to send the rest of the team members to challenge members of another team with questions. During the process, JOS’ sales and marketing experts will also participate. The aim of the “Markethon” is to inspire students’ innovative ideas and problem-solving capabilities through challenging one another intensively within a short period of time.

Photos (Click to view)

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– JOS Innovation Awards(HK)2017-18 Awardee List

– JOS Innovation Awards(HK)2017-18 Press release

The Champion Team
Hong Kong
March 05, 2018

JOS Innovation Awards (Hong Kong) 2017-18: 創新手指運動裝置奪冠 助早期骨關節炎患者改善生活

香港 - 2018 年3月5日 - 為推動創新科技發展,早前發表的《2018-19 年度政府財政預算案》預計將撥款500 億元支援創科,並在創新及科技基金預留五億元,落實科技專才培育計劃,可見港府非常重視創科發展及培育相關人才!亞洲主要系統集成商、技術解決方案供應商和技術諮詢顧問JOS,舉辦第三屆JOS Innovation Awards,希望藉比賽培養大專學生在創新科技的能力。而第三屆的JOS Innovation Awards總決賽及頒獎典禮已於3月3日完滿結束,選出一眾實至名歸的優勝者,冠軍由香港理工大學學生設計的創新手指運動裝置「Finger Exercise Device for Early Stage of Osteoarthritis Patients」奪得。

JOS在比賽過程中舉辦多項活動,例如全港首辦的「Markethon」[1] 、工作坊及個別指導,提供來自業界的專業意見,完善學生的意念,為創科界培養人才出一分力。比賽主題為「樂在耆中 --創新健康保健解決方案」(Happy Ageing - Innovation Healthcare Solution)。參賽的大專學生針對「人口老化」及「健康保健」兩大範疇,利用「物聯網」、流動應用或網絡解決方案技術,研發出能照顧長者健康及提升他們生活質素的創新科技。


作為評審之一的JOS香港及澳門區董事總經理柯志成先生表示,JOS歡迎港府大力推動創科發展,並聚焦具有優勢的四大範疇。他指,「是次的比賽能有效地啟發、培養及表揚學生的出色意念,自2015年起首辦JOS Innovation Awards,我們已啟發了超過500個大專學生實踐創新意念,以協助解決社會實際面對的問題,一起締造更美好及更有效率的世界。」

另一評審JTH Group 人力資源董事龐燕妮女士表示:「透過這次比賽,學生對創新科技產生濃厚的興趣,有機會觀摩其他隊伍的表現,是一個很難得的學習經驗。各隊參賽隊伍的組織及表達能力都超出水平,他們更表現出非凡創意以至對科技探求的熱誠,充分展示香港新一代在科研的無窮潛力。」

經過一輪激烈的比賽,冠軍由來自香港理工大學的張靜儀同學、陳曉霖同學、方紫晴同學和林周美同學共同奪得,他們的作品是「Finger Exercise Device for Early Stage of Osteoarthritis Patients」,冠軍得獎者獲得港幣30,000元,更獲邀到JOS公司實習,及到新加坡參觀當地創科發展。亞軍由來自香港大學、香港科技大學及香港城市大學的梁家銘同學、何奕聰同學、李潁渝同學、吳澤琳同學、謝灝賢同學奪得,作品是「Algotritionist」;而季軍則由來自香港專業教育學院(沙田分校)的劉凱聲同學、樊保全同學、陳凱逸同學和曾朗楓同學奪得,作品是「Sleeping Monitor」。

獲得冠軍的隊伍「Finger Exercise Device for Early Stage of Osteoarthritis Patients」表示,非常榮幸能夠參加JOS Innovation Awards並得到評審的認可,「參賽過程中,我們改進產品和了解長者市場需要,希望我們能為香港社會貢獻,促進香港醫療科技發展。」


今年更特別加設由觀眾投票而選出的「最受歡迎創新獎」,得獎隊伍為「Super Senior」,鼓勵有志投身創新科技業的年青人,為他們提供學習實踐、發展事業以至追尋夢想的機遇。


當日相片 (點擊放大)


– JOS Innovation Awards 2017-2018 得獎者名單

– JOS Innovation Awards 2017-2018 新聞稿

Hong Kong
July 28, 2017

JOS and Rainbird AI team up to deliver artificial intelligence to the Asian marketplace

Hong Kong – 28 July, 2017 –JOS, one of Asia’s leading providers of IT services and solutions, announced a milestone partnership with Rainbird AI as the first system integrator to bring Rainbird’s unique artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to businesses in Asia. The alliance adds AI capabilities to JOS’s complete enterprise IT solution portfolio and expands its range of customised solutions, whilst helping the UK-based Artificial Intelligence expert to bolster its position in the Asian market.

Speaking at the AI Summit in Hong Kong on 26 July 2017, JOS’s Group Managing Director Mark Lunt said: “At JOS we are always looking for great partners who have exceptional technology and skills. We are delighted to announce this strengthening of our partnership with Rainbird, who bring proven skills and great, real-world experience to our customers in Asia.”

Rainbird Technologies; Chairman James Duez said: “We are excited to be working with JOS to bring our technology to Asia, and to contribute to the broader discussion about the potential of AI. We anticipate that JOS will become a strong agent for Rainbird in China, Hong Kong and the wider Asian marketplace.”

Mr Lunt added: “We are making significant progress in one project which is already underway for a client who will use Rainbird’s AI technology in the automotive industry. Adopting Rainbird’s award-winning cognitive reasoning platform will aim to re-invent the customer experience within this organisation’s service departments.”

Mr. Duez said: “As a leading AI innovator across many sectors and industries, we are confident that our knowledge-work platform will not only assist JOS in providing this client with the most efficient means of overcoming challenges presented by automotive servicing, but will also help to set a new benchmark in vehicle diagnostics and service repair.”

The project already underway is the first in what is expected to be a significant number of broad ranging applications for Rainbird’s technology in the Asia region. From automotive to food and beverage, financial services to consumer goods, AI can bring significant opportunities for organizations to improve their operations and to provide better customer experiences. As early adopters of AI in the region, JOS is well positioned to support its clients to capture the benefits of this important technological trend.

This collaboration further demonstrates JOS’s leading edge as one of Asia’s most innovative solutions providers and as a key strategic partner for technology vendors.

Mark Lunt, Group Managing Director at JOS (Left), and Ben Taylor, CEO at Rainbird Technologies Ltd.
Hong Kong
July 28, 2017

JOS 與 Rainbird 攜手為亞洲市場提供頂尖人工智能方案

香港 – 2017年7月28日 – 亞洲領先的科技和技術解決方案供應商之一 JOS 與 Rainbird 促成緊密的合作夥伴關係,成為首家向亞洲企業提供 Rainbird 人工智能方案的系統集成商。是次合作使 JOS 能夠為其完善的企業 IT 解決方案組合引入人工智能技術,並為客戶打造出更廣泛的服務方案,而總部設於英國的 Rainbird 人工智能專業團隊則可藉此加強其在亞洲市場的地位。

JOS 集團常務董事麥郎特於7月26日在香港舉行的「人工智能峰會」上表示:「JOS 一直物色兼具頂尖科技及技能的合作夥伴,我們非常高興能夠與 Rainbird 促成緊密的合作關係。該公司將為 JOS 的亞洲客戶帶來卓越的技術及非凡的世界級體驗。」

Rainbird Technologies 主席 James Duez 指出:「Rainbird Technologies 非常高興能夠與 JOS 合作,藉以把旗下技術帶到亞洲,讓更多人了解人工智能的潛力。我們深信,JOS 將成為 Rainbird 在中國、香港以至亞洲出色的代理商。」

麥郎特補充道:「JOS 目前正協助一個客戶將 Rainbird 的人工智能技術應用於汽車行業,進展非常理想。Rainbird 的認知推理平台屢獲殊榮,使客戶能夠為其服務部門打造嶄新的客戶體驗。」

James Duez 續說:「Rainbird 為多個界別和行業革新人工智能技術,我們的知識工作平台不但協助 JOS 為客戶提供最有效的方法以解決汽車服務的挑戰,還能為車輛診斷和維修服務定下新基準。」

有關合作項目已經展開,並相信是亞洲區內首個廣泛採用 Rainbird 頂尖科技的項目。無論是汽車業、餐飲業、金融服務業以至消費品行業,不同企業均可藉著人工智能拓展商機,以及提升營運效率和顧客體驗。JOS 是亞洲區內率先引進人工智能科技的先行者,致力協助客戶在這一浪科技發展趨勢中把握機遇,創優增值。

JOS 與 Rainbird 的合作,不單進一步彰顯出 JOS 在亞洲最創新解決方案供應商中的領先優勢,更是技術供應商的重要策略性合作夥伴。

JOS 集團常務董事麥郎特 (左) 及 Rainbird Technologies 行政總裁 Ben Taylor。
Hong Kong
March 15, 2017

JOS holds “Powering Digital Transformation” Executive Luncheon with Equinix, IBM and VMware

Hong Kong – 15 March, 2017 – JOS joined hands with Equinix, IBM and VMware to boost digital transformation in an executive luncheon held on 14 March 2017. The event was aimed to illustrate the ways to power digital transformation with a virtualisation and hybrid cloud management solution on a scalable, secure and high-performance platform. To stay competitive in a rapidly evolving business environment and to stand out in the industry, organisations today must harness the power of digital transformation.

The key to successful digital transformation is to develop and implement a holistic cloud-centric strategy. To assist organisations embracing challenges on the cloud journey, speakers from JOS, Equinix, IBM and VMware shared the tips for enabling agility, performance and innovation during digital transformation and how to extend the cloud limit with freedom and control.

Delegates discovered new insights at the event, which enabled them to rethink digital transformation and having the opportunities to exchange ideas and thoughts with their fellow peers from different industries.

March 03, 2017

JOS: Aptitude and Attitude – Millennials championing tomorrow’s workplace

Polytechnic & university teams showcase their innovative problem solving skills at JOS Innovation Awards 2016-17

Singapore – 3 March 2017 – JOS, one of Asia’s leading IT services and solutions providers, crowned students in Singapore the platinum, gold and silver award in its inaugural JOS Innovation Awards 2016-17 held at The Arts House, Singapore. Nine teams of students from local polytechnics and universities are in the final leg of the challenge, presenting innovative ideas which leverage on technology to solve modern-day problems in environment, retail, hospitality, transportation and healthcare sectors.

“We are impressed by the innovative problem-solving capabilities displayed by the students,” says Mr Andrew Tan, Managing Director of JOS Singapore, “it is encouraging to witness the enthusiasm and creativity of our millennials in embracing technology to address critical business needs, and making a difference to the world. This is also what we hope to see in our workplace now and in the future.”

The JOS Innovation Awards 2016-17 attracted 80 team submissions from all the public polytechnics, all universities and several private universities, of which, 22 shortlisted semi-finalist teams have presented to JOS panel of judges on January 2017. Emerging from semi-finalists are the nine finalist teams. Under the mentorship and guidance of JOS executives, the finalist teams have further developed and refined their proposal for the final presentation today. In the recognition of the ideas and effort of the students, JOS has put in place S$13,000 of prize money for the winning teams, along with internship and graduate trainee opportunities with JOS for students who displayed exemplary performance throughout the Awards.

The awards presentation also brought together business leaders as the final judging panel, including Dr Gog Soon Joo, Group Director, Training Partners Group and Chief Research Officer, SkillsFuture Singapore; Mr Mark Herbert, CEO of Dairy Farm Group; Mr Ian Potter, Distinguished Fellow of INSEAD; Mr John Tan, CEO of Saturday Kids; Mr Mark Lunt, Group Managing Director of JOS; and Mr Andrew Tan, Managing Director of JOS Singapore.

Mr Mark Lunt, Group Managing Director of JOS, says, “Through the JOS Innovation Awards 2016-17, we have identified many rising technology stars who went beyond their fields of study in school and harnessed knowledge across different industries to design practical solutions infused with creativity and innovation. The JOS executives who mentored these teams have identified young talents who displayed impressive creativity in leveraging technology to solve modern day problems. We will be continuing conversations with some of the finalists to explore potential internship or graduate trainee opportunities at JOS, where they can take their ideas from concept to reality. ”

After assessing detailed presentations from each team today, the judging panel selected the following projects as the winners of the JOS Innovation Awards 2016-17:

Platinum winning team

  • CartShare – There is a lack of peer-to-peer interaction for online shopping modern consumer craves, which leads to a loss of potential revenue for retailers. The solution aims to provide a platform for users to collaborate, while shopping with friends and strangers. Ultimately, it provides a hassle-free shopping experience.
  • Gerald Lim and James Ong from Singapore Institute of Management
  • Wins S$7,000 of prize money and internship opportunities at JOS


Gold winning team

  • LastOrder – All around the world, there are many who face poverty and hunger daily while tons of perfectly edible food are thrown away. Through this solution, F&B businesses can donate unsold excess food by being instantly matched with charities in need of food.
  • Jeremias Goh Jian Zhi, Karen Koh Li Yin and Jeremy Lee Ting Kok from Singapore Management University
  • Wins S$4,000 of prize money


Silver winning team

  • Shopwizer – With the aim of helping supermarkets provide excellent customer service and increase their productivity, the innovative system offers functions such as trolley rental, ease of navigation, promotions notifications and queue efficiency.
  • Nichola Aina Manansala Rosario and Chow Yewna from Nanyang Polytechnic
  • Wins S$2,000 of prize money


Mr Andrew Tan, Managing Director of JOS Singapore, says, “I extend my sincere congratulations to the winners, and to all 80 teams who have participated in this Awards. The standard of entries has been extremely high across the board, a promising sign that our millennials and young talents are well-prepared to form a workforce representing Singapore as a global innovation and technology hub.”

Ms. Jenny Pong, Group Director for Human Resources at JOS’s managing group, JTH Group, said: “JOS is proudly committed to nurturing the next generation of Singapore innovators. This is not simply a one-day event, but a holistic programme that expands students’ horizons by giving them exposure to the working world and expert mentorship. Under the leadership and guidance of JOS experts, student teams build upon their innovations they’ve dreamt up and hone their presentation skills. There is a unique opportunity for two-way learning – students receive nurturing mentorship and inspiration from JOS, while we get to learn from the outlooks and aspirations of young people today.”

“The JOS Innovation Awards are an integral part of our talent acquisition strategy. Apart from members of the Platinum-winning team earning internship opportunities, other suitable candidates we have identified during the shortlisting process will also be eligible for invitations to our internship and graduate trainee programs. The Awards bring new blood to the industry in not only Singapore, but also Hong Kong, where JOS’s Hong Kong office is on our second year of having JOS Innovation Awards,” Pong continued.

Hong Kong
February 24, 2017

JOS 發掘香港年青新力軍 學生比賽啟發科創智慧

FasTABLE 應用程式縮短用餐等候時間於 JOS 2016-2017 年度創意比賽奪魁

香港 – 2017 年2 月24 日 – 亞洲領先的科技和技術解決方案供應商之一JOS,今天假香港科學園舉行第二屆「JOS Innovation Awards」總決賽及頒獎典禮,表揚香港新一代的創意,如何運用智慧科技解決都市問題。FasTABLE勇奪JOS Innovation Awards鉑金獎,有關意念旨在縮短快餐店用餐等候時間。是屆比賽吸引來自香港超過10家大學及大專院校合共37支隊伍報名參加,當中篩選出8支隊伍躋身今天舉行之總決賽,展示他們嶄新的科技解決方案角逐創意大獎, EZPark和PLUS II則分別獲得金獎和銀獎。

自2015年起,JOS Innovation Awards至今已吸引接近300名來自香港大學及專上學院的學生參與,該比賽讓學生們走出課室,鼓勵他們發揮創意,運用創新科技解決日常生活上所遇到的難題。JTH Group(JOS公司之管理層)集團人力資源董事龐燕妮女士表示:「JOS對於能夠肩負培育香港新一代創新人才的使命深感自豪。這個比賽並不是一個為期一天的活動,而是一個讓學生擴闊視野,從接觸實際工作環境而汲取行業專家寶貴意見的全面計劃。在JOS專家的指導和引領下,參賽學生把創新意念逐步實踐之餘,同時借此鍛鍊和提升他們的演講技巧。此外,這個活動更是一個獨特的雙向學習機會,一方面同學們可以得到JOS團隊的指導和啟發,另一方面,我們亦可以從年輕人身上了解他們的展望與抱負。」

龐女士續稱:「JOS Innovation Awards是我們人才招聘策略的一部分。除了鉑金獎的得獎隊員可以獲得公司實習機會之外,我們亦會邀請其他合適的參賽學生參加我們的實習和畢業生實習計劃。我們的比賽不單在香港舉行,JOS之新加坡辦事處亦於今年舉辦首屆JOS Innovation Awards,務求為行業注入更多新力量。 」

今年入圍參賽隊伍的解決方案涵蓋多個領域,包括智能交通、未來餐旅業及智慧零售,以及兩個全新主題 ─ 綠色生活及創新醫療。2016 – 2017年度JOS Innovation Awards得獎名單如下:

鉑金獎得獎隊伍 – FasTABLE

  • 參賽隊伍致力解決連鎖快餐業普遍面對的問題,運用動態探測器識別空桌及訂單,以充分提升翻枱率、客座量及改善食客用餐體驗。
  • 隊員:來自香港城市大學的麥晋謙、劉穎蕎、陳學樺和香港大學的李震聰
  • 可獲獎金港幣55,000元,各隊員可獲為期兩個月的實習機會


金獎得獎隊伍 – EZPark

  • 參賽隊伍針對駕駛人士在尋找停車位,以智能感應器和附地圖功能的應用程式,簡化整個付款程序。
  • 隊員:來自香港專業教育學院(沙田分校)的何英偉和何百祥;考文垂大學及才晉高等教育學院的 梁嘉龍
  • 可獲獎金港幣30,000元


銀獎得獎隊伍 – PLUS II

  • 參賽隊伍以革新的手提應用程式,鼓勵用家分享過多的飯餸,本著共享經濟及讓剩餘產能獲得最佳分配的理念來減少廢物。
  • 隊員:來自香港中文大學的司徒澄和葉淑恩
  • 可獲獎金港幣15,000元


JOS香港及澳門區董事總經理柯志成先生表示:「我在此祝賀各支得獎隊伍。由我們創辦JOS Innovation Awards至今,每支參賽隊伍一直表現出色,釋放出無限的動力。我們見證了香港年輕一代一直可以發揮無比的創意。我們對於學生們那種對周邊事物觀察入微的態度,以及將創意融合科技,藉此改善生活並創造社會價值之精神,印象深刻。我們對於能夠為新世代提供一個追夢的平台感到十分驕傲。」



  • JTH Group行政總裁雲達奧雲先生
  • JOS集團董事總經理麥郎特先生
  • 香港醫院管理局資訊科技及醫療信息部高級醫療信息經理陳志強醫生
  • 牛奶公司集團商務拓展董事,集團健康及美容林齊娟女士
  • 智慧城市聯盟創辦人及督導委員會主席鄧淑明博士太平坤士
  • 怡中航空服務行政總裁樂衞先生
Hong Kong
February 24, 2017

JOS awards Hong Kong students’ innovative ideas for a better tomorrow

FasTABLE app for shortening dining wait times takes top prize at JOS Innovation Awards 2016-2017

Hong Kong – 24 February, 2017 – JOS, one of Asia’s leading IT services and solutions providers, today recognised young Hong Kong talent for their smart ideas to solve modern city issues at the second annual JOS Innovation Awards, held at Hong Kong Science Park. FasTABLE, which helps shorten wait times in fast food chains, took the Platinum prize at the Awards. Following 37 submissions from more than 10 universities and tertiary institutions, eight shortlisted teams showcased their advanced technology project ideas at today’s culmination event. EZPark and PLUS II took Gold and Silver.

Since 2015, the JOS Innovation Awards have inspired close to 300 Hong Kong university and tertiary education students to go beyond their day-to-day curriculums and create innovative ideas that solve real-world problems. Ms. Jenny Pong, Group Director for Human Resources at JOS’s managing group, JTH Group, said: “JOS is proudly committed to nurturing the next generation of Hong Kong innovators. This is not simply a one-day event, but a holistic programme that expands students’ horizons by giving them exposure to the working world and expert mentorship. Under the leadership and guidance of JOS experts, student teams build upon their innovations they’ve dreamt up and hone their presentation skills. There is a unique opportunity for two-way learning – students receive nurturing mentorship and inspiration from JOS, while we get to learn from the outlooks and aspirations of young people today.”

“The JOS Innovation Awards are an integral part of our talent acquisition strategy. Apart from members of the Platinum-winning team earning internship opportunities, other suitable candidates we have identified during the shortlisting process will also be eligible for invitations to our internship and graduate trainee programs. The Awards bring new blood to the industry in not only Hong Kong, but also Singapore, where JOS’s Singapore office launched our first JOS Innovation Awards there this year,” Pong continued.

Student entrants competed in the categories of Smart Transportation, Future Hospitality, Connected Retail, and two new topics, Green Living and Healthcare Innovation. The following projects were selected as top winners of the JOS Innovation Awards 2016-2017:

Platinum-winning team – FasTABLE

  • This solution makes use of motion detectors to identify vacant tables and food orders, which can maximise the efficiency of table turnaround time, enhance seat utilisation and improve the customer dining experience.
  • Team members: MAK Chun Him, LAU Wing Kiu, CHAN Hok Wah Kelvin, from City University of Hong Kong, and LI Chun Chung, from The University of Hong Kong
  • Wins HK$ 55,000 of prize money and offer of a two-month internship for each team member


Gold-winning team – EZPark

  • The solution allows drivers to identify a parking space, while also making it easier to pay, through smart sensors and a map-based app.
  • Team members: HO Ying Wai Jeffrey and HO Pak Cheung, from Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Sha Tin Campus), and LEUNG Ka Lung from Coventry University & School for Higher and Professional Education
  • Wins HK$ 30,000 of prize money


Silver-winning team – PLUS II

  • This solution is a revolutionary mobile application solution to encourage users to share their excess food, in order to combat waste issues through the concept of shared economy and spare capacity maximisation.
  • Team members: SZETO Ching and IP Suk Yan, from The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Wins HK$ 15,000 of prize money


JOS Managing Director for Hong Kong and Macau, Mr. Eric Or said: “I offer my congratulations to the winning teams. Ever since we started the JOS Innovation Awards, every student entry has demonstrated outstanding ideas and motivation. These Hong Kong youth repeatedly prove that great ideas can come from anyone, anywhere. We are deeply impressed with these students, not only for their observations around the impact of everyday problems, but also their creativity in coming up with ideas that can enhance the way we live and create social value through technology. We are proud to offer a platform for the next generation of talent to realise their dreams.”

This year, the Awards brought together cross-industry leaders to participate in the judging panel. Judges presiding over today’s award presentation ceremony included:


  • Eric van der Hoeven, Chief Executive, JTH Group
  • Mark Lunt, Group Managing Director, JOS
  • Dr. Summer Chan, Senior Health Informatician (Clinical Innovation, Quality Assurance & Risk Management), Hospital Authority Hong Kong
  • Ms. Mary Lam, Group Health and Beauty Commercial Director, Dairy Farm Group
  • Dr. Winnie Tang, JP, Founder & Chairman of the Steering Committee, Smart City Consortium
  • Mr. David Walker, Chief Executive, Jardine Aviation Services
Hong Kong
February 09, 2017

JOS showcases powerful Network Segmentation at Cisco Security Connect 2017

Hong Kong – 9 February, 2017– JOS presented Network Segmentation at Cisco Security Connect 2017 held at The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 20 January 2017. The JOS booth attracted a large number of visitors who came to experience the benefits of these technologies through the combined efforts of JOS and Cisco. JOS demonstrated how to securely control network access that is role-based and topology- and access-independent by network segmentation. The result is even if hackers make their way into an organisation’s network, they can no longer move freely about and cause widespread damage.

Cisco Security Connect is an iconic industry event for delegates to gain insights and discover new possibilities of global trends from industry thought leaders. More than 400 attendees across different sectors participated in this year’s event, and learned the latest technology on integrated threat defense, next-generation security protection, convergence of network and security, as well as cloud security.

Entitled “Cisco Network as an Enforcer”, JOS shared with the delegates on how JOS and Cisco assist them in taking advantage of digital business opportunities in a more secure way. JOS has been recognised for high quality technology consultancy and deep sector knowledge in the market. The showcase enabled JOS to exhibit the company’s competitive edge over other industry players to help clients achieve business successes, and furnish them with the optimal user experience.

JOS has successfully delivered an exceptional experience to the visitors with proven quality and in-depth knowledge.

Hong Kong
January 20, 2017

JOS 預測 2017 年科技發展新趨勢

香港 – 2017 年1月20日 – 全球正探視顛覆性科技應用對商業社會的傳統營運模式及市民日常生活所帶來之革新和全新的發展面貌。新年伊始,JOS作為亞洲主要科技服務供應商之一,綜觀多項嶄新技術在2017年於亞洲地區商業的發展趨勢發表見解。










去年,應用結合擴增實境(AR) 技術的手機遊戲Pokémon GO於全球大受歡迎。隨著AR技術廣獲消費者採納,相信於2017年,相關技術亦逐步應用於工作層面。AR技術可以讓用家獲取顯示在實境的虛擬化資訊,潛力龐大,特別是在應用於維修及工程操作等行業。舉例來說,汽車維修人員可運用免提AR影像重疊技術,即時找出汽車的潛在問題,繼而進行適當維修。



December 07, 2016

JOS and JLT join forces to offer world-class cyber insurance solutions in Asia

First-of-its-kind partnership between a technology solutions provider and a top insurance broker to help customers tackle mounting threats to enterprise security

Malaysia – 7 December, 2016 – JOS, one of Asia’s leading providers of IT services and solutions, is partnering with Jardine Lloyd Thompson (JLT), leading suppliers of insurance, reinsurance and employee benefits-related advice, brokerage and associated services, to launch an innovative suite of cyber insurance and consultancy services as part of JOS’s comprehensive cyber security solutions.

JOS offers a range of cyber security technology and consulting services to ensure its customers stay one step ahead of cyber threats. JLT’s cyber insurance solutions help cover the insured party’s own costs and liabilities resulting from threats, damage or loss of information, as well as the use of systems or networks which are typically not protected under the majority of insurance on the market today.

The combination of JLT’s knowledge of cyber insurance and access to specialist markets with JOS’s suite of cyber security consultancy services is a unique partnership at the leading edge of the industry. This is the first time that a technology consultancy with the long heritage and far reach of JOS is working hand-in-hand with an insurance broker like JLT to offer comprehensive cyber insurance solutions to clients across Asia; via JLT’s hubs in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.

JOS Group Managing Director, Mark Lunt spoke of the significance of the partnership between JOS and JLT, saying: “We are proud to be at the helm of the next generation of cyber security solutions together with our partner JLT. Working together we are able to provide customers with the unique opportunity to access tailored cyber coverage from one of the world’s leading insurers. With technology underpinning the operations and performance of every international business, it is now more important than ever for market leaders such as JOS and JLT to form strategic partnerships that will enable customers to stay secure in the face of advanced and persistent cyber security risks.”

JOS Group Head of Cyber Security Services, Barnaby Grosvenor added: “Coupled with JLT’s industry leadership, JOS is well poised to help organisations assess, combat and manage a broad range of cyber risks. By capitalising on cutting-edge industry and proprietary tools, JOS is delivering integrated cyber security solutions for customers in Asia – from tailor-made assessments, to a menu of security essentials, to a comprehensive long-term suite of consultancy and services.”

JLT’s Managing Director, Financial Lines Group Asia, Ali Chaudhry went on to say: “At JLT, we have a strong focus on providing clients with specialty products. In the area of cyber security a deep understanding of product and exposure is key. New IT risks are developing rapidly for practically all of our clients, leading to the need for a proactive and innovative approach. In working together with JOS, we are excited to be able to offer our clients customised, end-to-end solutions that will help reduce and manage their cyber security costs and exposures. In parallel, we are also launching our Asian cyber risk analytics tool that will provide our clients with quantitative information on their risk profiles.”

Under the partnership, JOS becomes the flagship member of the JLT Cyber Consortium for Asia. JLT’s Cyber Consortium is a unique global community of leading companies and subject matter experts across the cyber ecosystem that continually collaborate on cyber risk best practices and thought leadership to support mutual clients around their strategic, operational, financial and human resource issues impacted by cyber risk.