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Sankar S. Villupuram, Head of Business Development & IoT, JOS
Sankar S. Villupuram Head of Business Development & IoT

Villupuram leads the company's Internet of Things (IoT) efforts and business development. He has over 17 years of experience in design and implementation of operational technology leveraging Smart Cards, Biometrics, RFID, to name a few. Villupuram has also managed several landmark projects in Hong Kong.

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Harmony - it is about everyone played their part well, and together he or she achieved more
March 20, 2018
Internet of Things

Making Digital Solutions Work – It is All About Harmony

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So, what makes a band great? If you look at all the legendary acts that saw a meteoric rise, it never about individual talents vying for personal glory. Instead, it is about harmony; everyone played their part well, and together he or she achieved more.

Yes, bands break up, and individuals move on to have even higher careers as a solo artist. However, when they were nobody's, it was not individual talents but the ability to play together in harmony.

I gained this insight during a conversation with my son. Adi, who loves playing the drums and have been for the last five years, was looking to perform at a school fair. Brimming with excitement, he started showing possible performance numbers on YouTube to his beaming father.

Adi chose his songs, and I got curious. Like any dad who is always looking for his kid to have the best platform to show off his talent, I was perplexed by his selection. Primarily, they were not pieces where a drummer will shine. So, I decided to ask my son why.

"Dad, it is about the song coming out well in harmony. A drummer cannot overpower all the other musical pieces. He has to gel with the music and audience should be able to enjoy the song rather than one instrument," he told me straight up.

This refreshingly honest answer hit a nerve. As a dad, I was looking for the best song for my son can shine as a drummer. What I should have been looking for is the best song for his band.

Harmony Band

We see this every day in work life. In my encounter with many organizations, we often have teams made up of individuals who are told to shine-as individuals. Very seldom does collaboration and teamwork become more important than individual talent.

The same can also be said when architecting digital solutions. Bringing together only the best products to create a platform never guarantees the platform will be the best. Often, platforms that genuinely work and add value to the organizations are made up of products that are seamless and work together in harmony.

The same "harmony" will matter even more as we embrace new IT paradigms like IoT (Internet of Things) and big data analytics. When we were helping an organization to build an IoT Digital Solution, it is never about a single sensor or the terabytes of big data that can be analyzed. Instead, it is about making all the different components work together to meet a sole business purpose--with smart edge analytics performed at the sensor level, and big data analytics and machine learning done at the server level.

Harmony was on the menu when JOS was tasked to create a food safety solution that ensured guests are served dishes at the optimum temperature--always. What made it successful was not the fresh produce, the cooking techniques or the skills of the chef. Instead, it was all of the above plus engineering, sensors, information technology, integration with WeChat and Telegram apps. Together, it ensured that guests had an unforgettable dining experience.

Mostly, food tasted better because everything was in harmony. It is the same with digital solutions-they work best when people, product, and technology are in harmony.