Fast, efficient and agile business processes that meet changing market demands are vital in today’s dynamic business environment. JOS Automation solutions can rethink your entire enterprise workflow and focus business processes around your customers. With minimal manual intervention or human errors, you are free to focus on opportunities and create value faster than ever.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Maximise Manpower Efficiency

JOS Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions automate intensively manual and repetitive tasks, like calculation, extraction and generation of reports across legacy. After a thorough review, our team will use RPA re-engineer your processes for seamless integration.



  • Automate time-consuming manual, tasks so employees can focus on value-added activity
  • Reduce human errors and eliminate costly penalties for non-compliance
  • Accelerate key tasks
  • Scale beyond available headcount
Enterprise Workflow
Design for Efficiency

JOS Enterprise Workflow solutions use K2, Nintex and customised workflows to improve how your employees collaborate – speeding up transaction processing and approvals.



  • Combine mobile interfaces and digital technology to manage tasks
  • Easily track all tasks and identify areas to improve resource allocation 
  • Quickly explore new opportunities and respond to market movements with adaptable workflows
  • Customise workflows to suit specific industry, company and country requirements
  • Eliminate paper and resource wastage, and meet CSR objectives
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