Collaboration and Connectivity

Teamwork, tight communications and collaboration are essential ingredients for sustainable success in today's business environment. JOS Collaboration and Connectivity solutions make it easier for your employees to share knowledge, innovate as a team, solve problems together and access key resources at a timely fashion.

Content Management
Delivering the Right Content

JOS Content Management solutions deliver the right information to the right people. The result is quick decision making, improved collaboration and higher productivity across your entire company.



  • Easily manage all kinds of content from any source
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest information and data
  • Make faster and more accurate decisions with the right information
  • Simplify digital asset management, document workflow, and record management to reduce the cost of compliance and audit
  • Enable secure remote access to key information
Portal Platforms
Maximise Content Advantage

JOS Portal Platforms create intranet and internet portals to engage customers and partners, while improving collaboration within and across teams in your organisation.


  • Easily create secure platforms for internal and external stakeholders
  • Tailor, refresh and manage content based on stakeholder interests and needs
  • Designed from the ground-up for engagement and collaboration
  • Easy access to improve the customer experience
  • Built-in Digital Rights Management, Versioning and Search Engine capabilities
  • Run more effective targeted lead generation campaigns
Unified Communications
Centralise Conversations

JOS Unified Communications solutions streamline all your communications across all touchpoints, platforms and devices for better productivity, cost efficiency and teamwork.



  • Simplify communications across all channels, devices and touchpoints such as email, IM and chat tools on mobile and fixed line phones
  • Improve employee productivity while working remotely or on the road
  • Empower collaboration and co-development among employees, teams, business units, partners and customers
  • Easily create engaging training sessions across different platforms and devices
  • Reduce operating costs related to communications
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