Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has many attractive benefits, especially for companies embracing digital transformation or looking to become more competitive. JOS AI solutions offer the right combination of experience and capabilities to harness its power, especially for customer support and process automation.

A.I. for Customer Support
Exceed Expectations with Chatbots

JOS AI for Customer Support solutions go beyond simple chatbots. Developed with industry know-how and featuring the latest in natural language processing (NLP), they reduce support workload, assist in meeting customer expectations and increase ROI.



  • Improve response times with a multilingual NLP engine that understands both Cantonese and English, and replies in the client's preferred language and mode of communications (spoken or written).
  • Concurrently handle massive volumes of customer enquiries
  • Handle most enquiries, freeing up customer service agents to deal with more critical and complex issues
  • Use industry-specific knowledge from JOS Professional Services for contextual problem solving and response
  • Fully-integrated with best-of-breed AI solutions from partners
A.I. for Process Automation
Reinvent Business with Robotic Process Automation

JOS AI for Process Automation builds on industry advances to automate company processes, maximise employee productivity, support digital transformation, improve cost efficiency and eliminate human errors.



  • Cut costs while supporting digital transformation
  • Maximise operational efficiency by automating processes and repetitive tasks across multiple platforms
  • Boost employee productivity by enabling them to focus on value-added tasks
  • Eliminate human errors
  • Deliver projects on time and to enterprise standards
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