Internet of Things
A Smarter Edge

The Internet of Things (IoT) can make enterprises smarter and more efficient. But, unlocking its full power requires careful design, development and implementation. JOS IoT solutions leverage our expertise in embedded systems, advanced sensor devices, analytics and integration to create smarter systems and better businesses.

Be a Game Changer

JOS IoT Retail solutions go beyond conventional and loyalty-based initiatives. They deliver richer real-time information about customer traffic that helps mall operators and retailers to make better decisions, attract higher foot traffic, and drive effective marketing campaigns.


Mall Operator Benefits

  • Real-time measurement and multi-dimensional analysis of consumer traffic within malls or zones
  • Compare visitor traffic analytics across any time period
  • Correlate visitor data with external data sources
  • Anonymously track individual consumer journeys through the mall
  • Track mall staff movements for optimising operations


Retailer Benefits

  • Enable consumer profile scoring based on mobile devices
  • Identify and issue alerts when VIP customers or repeat customers arrive 
  • Anonymously track consumers’ location and movement though the store
  • Extract behavioural insight using multifactor analytics 
Public Transportation
Reinventing Transport Management

JOS IoT Transport solutions go beyond cashless payment systems. They deliver real-time visibility into passenger numbers, movements and locations for operational efficiency and route optimisation.



  • Improve safety and comply with insurance conditions by tracking vehicle passenger capacities and loads
  • Dashboard quickly identifies passenger bottlenecks and allows planning for additional capacity
  • Optimise capacity management and utilisation by identifying the right vehicle for different passenger groups
  • Analyse trends in passenger patterns to optimise scheduling and long-term fleet and route planning
Property Management
Safeguarding Health

JOS IoT Property Management solutions allow property managers to meet environmental goals. They include efficiently managing indoor air quality using advanced sensors – regardless of a building’s age, location or size.



  • Monitor car park air quality in real time with Wi-Fi enabled air quality sensors that display key metrics and location-specific data on intelligent dashboards  
  • Automatically send mobile alerts on rising pollution levels to property management staff for quick mitigation
  • Monitor the performance of ventilation systems, deploy ancillary systems, and identify areas for further upgrades
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