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Being part of the HKBN Group, HKBN JOS has redefined the enterprise IT landscape that elevates excellence and promotes performance. Building on our heritage of decades of technology and telecommunications expertise, and our unique entrepreneurial dynamic, we’re helping businesses confront challenges head-on. Everything we do is designed to accomplish a simple goal for customers – deliver business pertinent outcomes and build long-term successful partnerships. We’re all about bringing win-win value, because our success starts with yours.

Local, regional, global

Combining decades of local knowledge, a solid regional presence and an international outlook, our approach offers mid-size firms and MNCs something special – a partner with full-scale perspectives, experiences and connections to deliver the performance they need. Our extensive APAC network in Hong Kong, Macau and mainland China, complemented by trusted long-term regional partners and a global alliance.

Customer-centric innovation

A diverse business background gives HKBN JOS two key advantages – an in-depth understanding of the challenges customers face, and a passion for supporting innovation every step of the way. By intimately knowing what customers need, our commitment covers everything from building bespoke systems to sourcing, customising and project-managing the implementation of packages.

Technology excellence

Offering high quality consultancy, deep technical knowledge and smooth integration, HKBN JOS is your bridge to tomorrow. Bring the future closer by breaking down the barriers between legacy systems, the latest enterprise applications like ERP and CRM solutions and emerging technologies. Our team of expert consultants is here to accelerate your growth and transformation, and make your business better, more agile and more resilient.

Your one-stop partner

HKBN Group is one of the fastest growing telecom and technology solutions providers in Asia. As a leader in one-stop premier solutions, HKBN JOS delivers everything you’ll need – from AI to automation and agile integration – to succeed in a changing world. We operate with a more entrepreneurial customer-focused culture that responds to market shifts through a complete range of bespoke, packaged and customised KPI-driven ICT solutions.


We are the only technology and telecommunications group run by hundreds of Co-Owners, majority of our senior and middle management Talents who have invested their savings into HKBN. With this entrepreneurial spirit guiding us, we work together as one strong team, and passionately embrace different ways to co-create better outcome possibilities for our customers.

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