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Digital Solutions
The right solutions for your digital transformation

When it comes to digital transformation (DX), knowledge and experience are paramount. We know exactly what it takes to ensure a successful transformation, because we at HKBN Group have experienced all the challenges and valuable lessons from our own multi-dimensional DX journey. Commitment, capability and solutions are all critical factors. Together with HKBN Enterprise Solutions’s" innovative TaaS – Transformation-as-a-Service – DX offering, we take a deeply holistic approach that helps your business connect everything – people, technology and information.

AI-powered Automation

Take automation to the next level

Take automation to the next level

Accelerating existing business processes isn’t enough. Unlocking the real power of digital transformation takes speed and intelligence.

Building on the latest industry advances such as NLP – natural language processing, which dramatically reduces support workloads – our AI-powered automation solutions can help reinvent processes throughout your operation. This means improving employee collaboration and productivity through customised workflows, increasing cost-efficiency from faster transaction processing and approvals, and far fewer human errors.

Data Analytics

Find the answers to your business questions

Find the answers to your business questions

Appreciating the possibilities of big data is easy. But extracting actionable insight from an ocean of stored information or a tsunami of incoming data streams, takes infrastructure, expertise and sophisticated analytics solutions.

HKBN JOS helps customers collect, integrate and analyse all types of data – internal, external data and even from news feeds or social media – to get immediate answers to pressing business questions. Correlate current data to identify patterns, or take advantage of the most likely future outcomes with predictive analytics. Combine this with a state-of-the-art AI recommendation engine, and you'll “see” the full business picture via intuitive UI displays.

Intelligent IoT

IoT for everything

IoT for everything

The big question isn’t how many things will be connected to the Internet. It’s when will everything be connected. And whether your business will be ready!

Answering that takes more than technology. You need a partner who can address your specific business challenges by applying the right solutions and delivering long-term benefits with rapid R.O.I.

Our step-by-step approach is designed to ensure IoT success.

Step 1: Make the business case

IoT isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Budgets are finite and identifying the right projects can be difficult. That’s why we always start by helping customers make the best possible business case. Our approach crystalises expectations, streamlines development and makes explaining the value of IoT investments as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 2: Build the best solution

With intelligent IoT solutions that leverage our expertise in embedded systems, advanced sensor devices, analytics and integration, HKBN JOS can help you create smarter systems and a better overall business.

Step 3: Manage the IoT experience

The roll out isn’t the end of the IoT story. Keeping it running smoothly, and taking advantage of the latest innovations and trends takes people, knowledge and operational expertise.

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