Big Data

Building your own Big Data platform doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. JOS Big Data solutions offer an agile, bottom-up approach that caters for companies of all sizes - eliminating the need and expense of hiring additional in-house resource.

Powering Insights

JOS Big Data Infrastructure solutions use a modern architecture to deliver cost-effective business insights and scale to meet business needs.



  • Consumption-based pricing and zero up-front investment
  • JOS-managed infrastructure frees up your IT team for strategic projects
  • Unlimited scalability on demand
  • Integrated management and bi-directional data transfer support hybrid IT
  • Pre-configured software options ensure fast analysis
  • High-performance, low latency design supports high data volumes
  • Cloud data centres located in Greater China and Southeast Asia address data sovereignty concerns
Seeing Insights

JOS Big Data Visualisation solutions turn big data analytics results into actionable insights that any business user can understand. The depth and breadth of features enables users without data science skills to quickly drill down and draw accurate conclusions.



  • Intuitive UI displays business insights graphically for quick and easy analysis of complex queries
  • Live streaming data enables real-time analysis
  • Advanced data management – including centralised data sources, data certification, row-level permissions and usage analytics – protects data integrity
  • Connect to any data source – on-premises or in the cloud – without coding
  • Highly-competitive, per-set licensing
Big Data Management
Holistic Insights

The JOS Big Data Management solutions combine all types of data - structured and unstructured - to offer a complete picture. A wide range of tools allows users to efficiently manage, process and store data in unified structures that are optimised for analysis.



  • Gain a transparent view of your entire operations
  • Directly process all types of data for worry-free integration
  • Secure design safeguards sensitive insights
  • Simplify integration with complete random read-write capabilities, POSIX compliance and highly-available, high-performance NFS access for production
  • Separate administration, data placement, job execution, and network access with logical partitions
  • Eliminate duplication! With JOS Big Data Management solutions, you can take a 1PB snapshot in seconds without the need for additional storage
  • Enjoy TCO savings of 20-50% on CAPEX and OPEX
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